Harry Potter and Wal-Mart

I pre-ordered the Harry Potter 6 tapes from Wal-Mart last May. I did not get them on the 16th and I did not get them Monday and I did not get them Tuesday. They guaranteed delivery on the 16th. I mailed off a nasty email and they are not going to do anything. Their attitude is â€"oh wellâ€�. Never buy anything from Wal-Mart. Leave it to the trailer park crowd.
The USPS tracking number shows that I might receive it today.
In the mean time, I listened to the second tape of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. It was better than the first tape, but I still think the music was distracting.

Update: The tapes didn’t arrive by Wednesday 7/20 so I went out and bought them from a local discount store. I paid very nearly what wal-mart charged me because I didn’t have to pay shipping. Screw Wal-mart. If and when I receive the tapes they will be returned immediately.

Update: Received it Friday – 6 days late – I returned it Saturday morning unpened. Wal-mart makes you pay return postage.

On a happy note, I am on the 4th tape of book 6 and I am enjoying it very much.


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